First tiny food

My sister loves grilled cheese, and she loves miniature things. So I made her a mini grilled cheese for her birthday this month. It is made from polymer clay, and…UV resin. The UV curing resin has been wonderful, and I have so many future projects I’d like to make with it.

Bon Appetit!

Audrey gives the sniff of approval

I finished the mermaid and put it all together. I used some color changing paint from Folkart. That paint makes some great dimensional eye magic stuff happen!

Audrey wanted to smell it the mermaid finished, too. Either she approves or is hungry, I am still unsure. But I shall give her a biscuit treat just in case.

Indoor storage tub garden

A lot of my other time has been with my indoor garden. I am growing tomatoes, flowers, and herbs for permanent indoor plants. I also started 3 batches of potatoes for seeding this spring, cabbage, squash, and cucumbers. It seemed like a fun idea to share for people that want to garden on a budget in the winter.

First I cut out 2 to 3 holes with a paring knife in the tub bottom, then filled the tub with marble chips from the garden supply store (enough to fully cover the bottom). Then I covered the rocks with the compressed potting soil (a whole package). To catch the water, I put the tub lid under the container and voila!

I also started a bunch of climbers to grow on chain link fencing around our home this spring as well in the bottom left. The little yellow guy is my first squash (it only took 2 months lol)!

Trying out dioramas

Hello, it has been awhile since my last post, but my new goal is to begin posting every other day with a new project I’ve done. For now I want to upload a few to make up for the lost time!

Today I have made an island diorama. I am also working on another one right now. I think I want to make a mermaid out of sculpey to add to this current one in the future.

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